The Compuware Girls Softball Club is dedicated to providing quality coaching, training and competition in the sport of fast pitch softball.  The Club was established in 1981 by Pete Karmanos, the current chairman/CEO of the Compuware Corporation of Detroit, Michigan.  His intent was to provide an avenue for young women to compete and excel in a sport that was just beginning to develop in the Great Lakes area.  He hoped to teach the players about sportsmanship, team spirit, team pride and the pursuit of a common goal.  Although not involved on a day to day basis, Mr. Karmanos' continued support has enabled our organization to field teams in 5 age groups.  The people involved today with Compuware Girls Softball Club are committed to upholding the standards set so many years ago. 

The Club takes great pride in the fact that well over 100 college scholarships have been earned by young women who have played for Compuware.  Each year, our 10/11, 12, 14, 16 and 18 and under teams compete at the national level against the best teams in the country.  Those same teams compete in tournaments all over the Midwest and consistently finish in the top 5 of their age groups at those competitions.  The state championships these teams have won totals over 50.  Our club is considered one of the premier programs in the state of Michigan and has become the blueprint for other clubs to copy. 

Our Compuware Classic tournament, held each year in June, is a multi-state competition.  We consistently offer the highest level of competition in the area for the participating teams and the tournament is considered one of the finest in the Midwest.  Our organization is very proud of our history and most excited about the future of fast pitch softball.  As more clubs are competing, we embrace the challenge of raising the level of play.  With hard work and challenging competition, some players excel and extend their careers to the college level.  Scholarship opportunities are available for young women who develop their life long skills of discipline, sportsmanship, teamwork, and competitiveness.  The Compuware Girls Softball Club takes pride in helping our players develop these skills and achieve their goals.



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