A little about me  – 

I have always been involved in some sort of youth sports, from assisting or coaching boy’s baseball and basketball (leagues) early on to Adult/Youth softball since 1994. 

I grew up on a farm in Wisconsin and didn’t get to play many sports as I would have like to as a kid (although I was pretty good at Football) with the responsibilities required for the animals and everyday farm chores. I learned the value of a strong work ethic and a sense of commitment and responsibility that I have carried forward and taught to athletes ever since. When I moved from the farm to attend college in Madison, Wisconsin I began to play adult volleyball and softball, I have done so most of my adult life. I am an active person with a taste for the outdoors and adventure. My wife Stacie (22 years) and I have 2 Daughters, Caitlin and Valerie. 

Caitlin is a 3rdyear Biology major @ IUSB.

Valerie, a Jr. at Penn High School in Mishawka. (Valerie is interested in Dentistry and Business)

My family loves to vacation near the ocean (we were only 4 hours from Galveston Texas for 17 years) 

We all have a newfound love of Disney Cruises!

Experience – 

Youth Sports Management (DFW Area) - 5 Years  

Mansfield Girls Softball Association Board member – VP 2007-2009

Grand Prairie Airhogs Fastpitch – Softball operations Director 2009-2011

Youth Sport Coaching – Mansfield Texas (DFW Area) – 11 years

Showtime Fastpitch Softball 10/12U/14U/16U (Club) 

Wicked Fastpitch (Private team) 14/16U

Grand Prairie Airhogs Fastpitch – 16U/18U 

Youth Sport Coaching – Northern Indiana (2013 thru 2018)  - 5 years

Phoenix Fastpitch 12U/14U – Assistant (Pitching/Hitting Coach) 

Harris Heat Crush 16U Team Manager/ Assistant Head Coach

Michiana Lady Scrappers 14U/16U (Club) – Head Coach (4 Seasons thru 2018)

Active Member - NFPA (National Fastpitch Coaches Association) - Annual Convention Attendee

Certified in CPR

USSSA Registered Umpire – Active 2019-2020 Season (All Sport)

My philosophy (s)

  • $1-       I have made it a point to work directly with local college coaches in the past to ensure the values, skills and techniques taught are in line with those skills needed not only for competitive play but also for advancement into college level athletics. I utilize mainly utilize camps and exposure tournaments although a well-placed call or an email directly to the Head Coach can always get conversations started that are beneficial. 
  • $1-       I teach the girls (and parents) to respect the game at every level. Actions, language and game play (on and off the field)
  • $1-       I am all in for those athletes who are dedicated to making themselves better.
  • $1-       I expect the highest level of effort at all times. (100%, 100% of the time is the motto)
  • $1-       I expect attendance and punctuality at all events. 
  • $1-       Earn a spot and work to keep it
  • $1-       Attitude is EVERYTHING
  • $1-       It takes a TEAM

I have played/coached Men’s Fastpitch, Coed slow-pitch softball (my wife and I played together for a few years) and Coed Volleyball competitively for many years.

 Although I don’t play any longer, I have a passion and a love for the game of Fastpitch softball to share with those that are interested.

My wife Stacie also has coached several Girls Fastpitch teams over the years in Texas. Stacie loves the numbers; she loves crunching the stats behind the scenes with is always providing discussions and suggestions on how each girl (and the whole team) is improving or can improve.

My strengths are:

  • $1-       Fundamentals of the game (when all else fails, go back to the Fundamentals of the game)
  • $1-       Hitting

o    I utilize the Blast Motion system - Blast Motion

  • $1-       Slapping

o   I utilize the  Be the Momentumslapping system  – Emily Allard/ Kristen Sharkey

o   I utilize the Rev FIreperformance system

  • $1-       The Mental Game 

o    I teach the “wining state” program – winning state softball

I believe strongly in teaching about nutrition and how your diet directly affects your performance.

I believe in teaching proper warm- ups to prevent injury, improve your mindset and your readiness to perform at your best.

As a coach I have a very high level of expectations from the athletes and parents. 

At times you may not like what I have to say, it’s not personnel, go work hard on the things you want/need to improve on then come out and enjoy the benefits of all that hard work with your team mates.

I have never cut a girl from a team, but I’ve cut many parents over the years. Come watch your child, enjoy the experience of watching them grow individually and as a team mate. Hold them responsible for the commitment; work with your athlete and the coaching staff to help them constantly strive to improve. And always Remember, the first 5 minutes in the car on the way home are the most important 5 minutes of every athletes performance.

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